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I am curious about something, I'm expecting an onslaught of abuse from this but really I'd just like one person to answer me seriously.

I'm a geek.
I play Dungeons and Dragons, wear armor when the occasion calls for it, etc.
In my many years of geekery I've noticed a definite trend of hostility, primarily from football fans, against geeks like me.

This past weekend in Atlanta there was a major game between Virginia Tech and Alabama. At the same time there was a Sci-Fi convention called Dragon Con. The hotels held participants of both groups and it was definitely unpleasant for many of the Geeks. A tirade of slurs and verbal abuse, I know of one incident of a young lady in her brand new leather outfit being egged by a passing SUV waving Vtech colors and shouting nasty racial things.

I know not everyone is like this. I am not pigeonholing all of you into the same category as these D-bags. I know these were only a few incidents most likely not involving any of you personally. But I would like to know why this trend persists? Why is it, when you get an army of football fans together and present them with a geek, they become rabid, belligerent, and rude?
Do that many people really believe that Revenge of the Nerds was an instructional video?
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